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Old Conference Name World BOSAI Forum
New Conference Name World Bosai Forum
The term “BOSAI” from the previous conference name is a phonetic copy of the Japanese term, which is a unique concept encompassing overall “Disaster Risk Reduction”. This concept has been cultivated from Japan’s long history of living with natural hazards, such as the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami (GEJET). To introduce this word worldwide, all characters were emphasized in capital letters.

However, eight years have already passed since the UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction. ​ Last year, the mid-term review of the goals established at the conference was conducted. The goals established at the conference reflect the concept of BOSAI because the conference was held in Sendai, a city that experienced the GEJET. 

It can be said that the concept of BOSAI is becoming recognized worldwide. In this context, we aim to disseminate this concept as something ordinary, not special. That’s why we have decided to change “BOSAI” to “Bosai”, treating it as a common noun.


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