About the Forum


Ono-kun appears casually in the World Bosai Forum.

Ono-kun is a cute stuffed toy knitted with stuffing socks, but the origin of Ono-kun can be traced back to the Great Depression that began in the United States in the 1930s.

It is said that "Sox-monkey" started when a mother stuffed used socks with rags and sewed them together, while many people were in poverty and could not buy toys for their children.

The idea caught the hearts of housewives in Rikuzen-Ono, Higashimatsushima, who were in shelters after the Tohoku earthquake in 2011, and led to the birth of a Japanese-made sock monkey called Ono-kun.

In temporary housing, there is nothing but what is given.

I heard that the housewives who suffered from the disaster had a strong desire to do something by themselves.

Mr. Ono, who runs the World Bosai Forum, visited these housewives and appointed by them as a goodwill ambassador of Ono-kun.

In the World Bosai Forum, Ono-kun will appear casually, not in the shape of a yuru-chara, in consideration of Ono-kun, who has a habit of mumbling, "IT'S SUCH A PAIN!" Thank you.