Outline of the World BOSAI Forum

What is the World BOSAI Forum?

The World BOSAI Forum (WBF) is a cosmopolitan forum from Sendai, Japan, which brings together representatives of international organizations, governments, academia, and the private sector from Japan and abroad in collaboration with the International Disaster Risk Conference in Davos, Switzerland (IDRC Davos). The WBF was launched with the strong determination to "end the misery of people suffering from disasters through activities to care for disaster victims and reduce global disaster risks.

Unlike the IDRC Davos, which brings together disaster risk reduction experts mainly from Europe, the WBF focuses on the Asia-Pacific region, where a wide range of citizens can participate. The WBF aims to be an international platform to discuss disaster risk reduction in an open and dynamic manner. Unlike many other conferences, which are limited to experts and certain members, the WBF welcomes all the participants across the border.

In the future, through the global initiative of the World BOSAI Forum, we would like to expand "BOSAI " from "SENDAI " to the world, contribute to the reconstruction of the disaster-stricken areas, and make Tohoku a global hub for disaster risk reduction. Ultimately, we aim to expand the number of participants to 1,000 and become a world opinion leader as a prominent international forum in the field of disaster risk reduction.


"Disaster risk reduction" is a term that refers to efforts at all stages of a disaster, including disaster preparedness, emergency response after a disaster, and recovery and reconstruction stages. By translating disaster risk reduction in Japanese into English as "BOSAI", we aim to integrate the concept of disaster risk reduction into policies, societies and cultures around the world (mainstreaming disaster risk reduction).

Information and Report on the World BOSAI Forum

The third World BOSAI Forum in 2022

The World BOSAI Forum, which was scheduled to be held in 2021, has been postponed to 2022. Instead, the World BOSAI Walk Tohoku+10 is scheduled for 2021.

The third World BOSAI Forum will be held in Sendai in November 2022. Please wait for the details.

The Second World BOSAI Forum in 2019

November 9-12, 2019

The First World BOSAI Forum in 2017

November 25-28, 2017