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The World BOSAI Forum, a general incorporated foundation, holds the World BOSAI Forum, an international forum on disaster risk reduction that is open to the general public as well as disaster experts, with the aim of "eliminating people from suffering from disasters. In addition to the case studies of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, the forum disseminates various experiences and knowledge on disaster risk reduction to the world.

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World BOSAI Walk Tohoku + 10
During September and October of 2021, we will walk 1,000km along the Pacific coast of Tohoku from Fukushima to Aomori over 40 days, interviewing people along the way about what "Build Back Better" means to them, and sharing this information with the whole world.

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What is the World BOSAI Forum

We started this project with the idea that we do not want more people to suffer from disasters in Tohoku and around the world.


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The activities of the Foundation are supported by the generous donations of individuals and organizations. If you agree with the purpose of the Foundation's activities, we would appreciate your support.