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World BOSAI Forum 2023

border iconThe World BOSAI Forum 2023 was announced.


The schedule for the World BOSAI Forum 2023 was announced at the Sendai Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Forum held on March 5, 2022.
Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, the scheduled date of November 2021 has been postponed by one year, and then extended by four months to the final date of March 10-13, 2023. 
As stated in the summary of the second chairperson's report, World BOSAI Forum 2023 is going to focus on the following two points:
(1) encourage more active participation by the private sector and younger generations; 
(2) promote interaction and increase the number of participants by organizing highly planned sessions on specific themes, especially on integrated and interdisciplinary approaches.
We also explained the logo and posters, which were designed to reflect the image of diversity.
World BOSAI Forum 2023 will be held as follows to realize the goal of leaving no one behind in disaster risk reduction.
We look forward to your participation, exhibition, and support!
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