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World Bosai Forum will consist of Oral session, Poster session, Flash Talk presentation, Exhibition and events open to the public.

November 9
Registration afternoon
Pre-WBF Festival
November 10
Registration 8:15 a.m.- 5:30 p.m. (JST), 2019
Opening, Oral Session, Poster Session, Flash Talk presentation, Exhibition, Reception
November 11
Registration 7:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. (JST), 2019
Keynote Speech, Oral Session, Poster Session, Flash Talk presentation, Exhibition
November 12
Registration 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (JST), 2019
Keynote Speech, Oral Session, Poster Session, Flash Talk presentation, Exhibition, Closing
Saturday, November 9 Sunday, November 10 Monday, November 11 Tuesday, November 12 After Wednesday, November 13
Keynote Speech
Keynote Speech
Excursions /
Study Tours
Oral Sessions /
Poster Sessions /
Flash Talk Presentations /
Oral Sessions /
Poster Sessions /
Flash Talk Presentations /
Oral Sessions /
Poster Sessions /
Flash Talk Presentations /
Pre-WBF Festival
(Kawauchi Hagi Hall)

Pre-WBF Festival

In preparation for the opening of the World Bosai Forum, we will hold events to convey the disaster and share our thoughts on reconstruction. The theme is "Linking 3.11 to the Future". High school students from Miyagi and Kobe will report and exchange opinions on the role of young people in handing down the tradition of the earthquake disaster, and the circle of exchange will be expanded through local performing arts and other stages in regions that are overcoming the disaster and moving toward recovery.
[Open to public]

Overview of the Pre-WBF Festival

Event Name Pre-WBF Festival
Organizer World Bosai Forum Local Organizing Committee
Co-organizers International Research Institute of Disaster Science (IRIDeS)/ Miyagi University of Education/National Foundation for the Advancement of 3.11 Tradition Roads/ Great East Japan Earthquake Local NPO Support Fund・JTNPO Support Project (tentative)
Date & Time Saturday, November 9, 2019 1:20 - 5:30 p.m.
Venue Kawauchi Hagi Hall, Tohoku University
40 Kawauchi, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi 980-8576
Fee Free, no registration required
theme “Linking 3.11 to the Future”
Opening Remarks
by Mr. Fumihiko Imamura (Local Organizing Committee Chairperson, World Bosai Forum / Director, International Research Institute of Disaster Science, Tohoku University)
[10 minutes]
Miyagi Disaster Area Entertainment "Yuriage Taiko"
by Natori City Yuriage Daiko Preservation Society
[40 minutes]
Introduction of the Disaster Tradition Road
by Yoshinobu Harada (Executive Director, National Foundation for the Advancement of 3.11 Tradition Roads)
[15 minutes]
break [10 minutes]
“Hand down disaster experience to the next-generation”
Report from Miyagi University of Education
・“Kizuna F Project” by Koyo Junior High School, Shichigahama-cho, Miyagi Prefecture.
・Ms. Kurumi Kishimoto from Maiko High School.
[80 minutes]
“Soma Bon Odori Dance Festival”, performing arts in the devastated areas of Fukushima
by Soma City Soma Minyo Dokokai / Minyo Shukakai with Yarimasyou Bon odori executive committee
[40 minutes]
“Kizuna of Hope Concert“ to support the Tohoku Reconstruction
[25 minutes]
Closing Remarks [5 minutes]


Time/Date: 9: 00 ~ 10: 00 on Sunday, November 10
Venue: Sendai International Center, Meeting Room1 - Grand Hall

*Open to public and simultaneous interpretation is available

*8:30 ~ 9:00 participants arriving at the venue

9:00~9:25 Music performance by Tohoku University Ensemble
9:25~9:26 Opening remarks Yuichi Ono, WBF Founder
9:26~9:41 My 3.11 Experiences Honoka Shino, Tohoku Fukushi University
9:41~9:53 Keynote speech Andrew Maskrey, Risk Nexus
Former Director, United Nations International Strategy
for Disaster Reduction


Time/Day 10: 00 ~ 10:45, Sunday, November 10
Venue: Sendai International Center, Meeting Room1 - Grand Hall

*Open to public and simultaneous interpretation is available.

About 6 minutes of video from City of Sendai will be shown
10:05~10:08 Opening Remarks (including silent prayer) by Yuichi Ono, WBF Founder
10:08~10:11 Remarks by the Chairman of the International Steering Committee, Reid Basher
10:11~10:16 Remarks by Ms. Yuki Matsuoka, Representative of the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction in Japan
10:16~10:34 Remarks from representatives of local governments and bosai experts
Satoru Nishikawa (Professor, Nagoya University)
Kohri Kazuko (Mayor, City of Sendai)
Yoshiaki Sano (Vice Governor, Miyagi Prefecture)
Hideo Ohno (President, Tohoku University)
Shigeto Miyazaki (World Bank Representative in Japan)
Christopher Tremewan (Secretary General of the Association of the Pacific Rim Universities)
10:40~10:45 Closing words and announcement
Yuichi Ono, WBF Founder

Keynote speech

Sunday, November 10
Andrew Maskrey
Risk Nexus
“A Changing Risk Paradigm”
Monday, November 11
Kimio Takeya
Distinguished Senior Adviser to the President of JICA
“Hidden Stories of the Sendai Framework negotiation processes?
-How Japanese BOUSAI experiences embedded to Sendai Framework-”
Tuesday, November 12
Gretchen Kalonji (Sichuan University), Denise Konan (University of Hawaii), and Jihyeon Park (JHSUSTAIN)
“Relay talk”

Oral Session

A variety of 90-minute oral sessions (International organizations (7), governments (7), academia (27), private sectors, etc. (9), NGOs (2), Media (2)) are held to share concrete bosai solutions

Poster Session

We will present and exhibit bosai solutions by international organizations, local governments, private sectors, media, NPOs, universities, and research institutes, as well as applications and trials of advanced technologies such as AI and IoT for disaster prevention.

Awards will be given to the best poster session presenters during the closing session.

Flash Talk Presentation

Flash talk presenters will present their activities or research outcomes on disaster risk reduction and related themes at the designated venue. Each presentation will be 15 minutes long, Registration to the Forum is required to give a talk.


We will have approximately 15 general exhibition booths for interested organizations to introduce their activities.


Date & time
Sunday, November 10, start at 8:00 p.m. (about two hours)
Access to venue
Reception application form
Reception application form
Forum participants and their partners from both domestic and foreign countries.
Application due
Thursday, October 31.

We are looking forward to your participation.

Excursions/Study Tours

We organized an excursions and study tours.

The excursions and study tours focused on Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima prefecture, and the present situation after the Great East Japan Earthquake in Tohoku. We offer a variety of courses in which you can experience the efforts of reconstruction and the local food and culture.
There are an one-day trip and an accommodation trip, so you can participate according to your schedule.

WBF Tour of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

Application is closed.

WBF sponsored tours

Application is closed.

Tour sponsored by Sendai City

Purpose Learn about the experiences and lessons learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake and the state of recovery in the suburbs of Sendai.
theme And Schedule The study tour is a project that the City of Sendai is working on to attract visitors from overseas.
During the forum period, 5 courses from Sunday, November 10 to Tuesday, November 12
  • Course 1 November 10 (Sun) 14:00~17:00 The 27-hour story after the Great East Japan Earthquake
  • Course 2 November 11 (Mon) 9:30~12:30 Tsunami history and industrial recovery
  • Course 3 November 11 (Mon) 13:00~17:30 Shopping street reconstruction initiatives
  • Course 4 November 11 (Mon) 9:30~14:30 Multiple Tsunami Defense Measures
  • Course 5 November 12 (Tue) 14:00~17:00 BCP for Tsunami
※Course 3 and 4 include lunch
Course During the conference period, tours will be held every day for participants to visit the Earthquake Ruins: Arahama Elementary School, the Sendai 3.11 Memorial Community Center, the Minami-gamo Wastewater Treatment Plant, etc., and learn about the experiences and lessons learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake and the state of recovery in the suburbs of Sendai.
Click here for course details

Course 1・4・5
Earthquake Ruins: Arahama Elementary School

Course 1・3・4
Sendai 3.11 Memorial Community Center

Course 2
Tagajo City Great East Japan Earthquake Monument

Course 3
Kawamachi Terrace, Yuriage

Course 4
Minami-Gamo Wastewater Treatment Plant
Participants Those registered for forum participation from domestic and foreign countries
Participation fee Study tour fee is not required.
Language English

※When making an inquiry, please use the subject line [ World BOSAI Forum Study Tour Inquire ].

Castle Ruins Tour with “Date Bushotai” Welcome Squad 11/10 (Sun)-11/12 (Tue)

About the Tour In this walking tour, the “Date Bushotai” historic characters will share extravagant “Date” culture and Sendai, along with Miyagi’s charm to the whole world. Date Masamune will guide you around the ruins of the castle that he built.
Schedule November 10 (Sun) ①14:00~15:30 ②16:00~17:30
November 11 (Mon) ①10:30~12:00 ②13:30~15:00 ③15:30~17:00
November 12 (Tue) ①10:30~12:00 ②13:30~15:00 ③15:30~17:00
Course Sendai International Center ⇒ Otemon Gate⇒Castle’s Stone Walls ⇒ Site of Sendai Castle ⇒ Sendai International Center
Click here for details.
Language English