WBF 2019 Report

List of Flash Talk Presentations and Presentation Slides

Sunday, 10 November

No. Name Affiliation Presentation Title Data
1 Nurjanah Jane Tokyo Metropolitan University Disaster Heritage to Promote Dark Tourism for Resilient Community Data
2 Dr./Mr. Kang Chang Hyun Dankook University Recent Activity for DRR in Republic of Korea Data
3 Mikio ISHIWATARI Japan International Cooperation Agency/ University of Tokyo Current state of SFDRR related research and education by universities and institutions Data
4 Masa-yuki Yamamoto Kochi University of Technology Proposition of a New Ground-based Observation Network of Infrasound for Tsunami Disaster Mitigation Data
5 Hideaki Murai. Ikuo Oikawa All Japan Council Company Support for affected areas by "local residents" in the Great East Japan Earthquake "Connecting" town development by "collaboration" Data
6 Paul Rosenberg UNDRR/International Recovery Platform Recovery Institutions to Build Back Better Data
7 Eric Ariel Gonzales Rocha United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction Sendai Framework Voluntary Commitments: An online platform where all stakeholders can showcase their work on DRR Data
8 KAZUYUKI TOHYAMA TRUSTIA CORPORATION You can Get High-quality Japanese Products for Disaster Preparedness from anywhere in the world!! Data

Monday, 11 November

No. Name Affiliation Presentation Title Data
9 Yudai Tsuda Tech Design Co,.Ltd. Enterprise Risk Management platform to minimize economic losses from disasters Data
10 DAIKI AKASAKA IKUSA Inc. New Sports Day for Bosai 〜Disaster Prevention “Revolution" by Entertainment force〜 Data
11 Yusaku Izumi KOKUA The Creation of “Investment Crowdfunding Platform for Non-Profit Organization” Data
12 Kojiro Akiyama Kodomo-shokudo support organization why free restaurants for children can be bousai plattform. Data
13 Akihiro Matsushita CINQ.Co., Ltd Forestry technology to DRR field
14 Akihiro Nakamura LPP (Life Protect Plan) Development of the new disaster information analysis system which looking ahead for the next-generation Japan. Data
15 Mitsuaki Kizaki Nippon BCP Inc Fuel stocking proposal to connect life at the time of disaster Data
16 Miwako Kitamura Tohoku University Graduate school of Engineering Gender in disaster: Elderly caregiver circumstances during the Great East Japan Earthquake example study of rural coastal area in Iwate prefecture Data
17 Ikuyo Kikusawa Chief Researcher, Fukuoka Urban Research Center Enhancing the Access of Foreigners to the Disaster Relief Assistance Data
18 Ariston N. Gonzalez Adarna Aerospace Disaster Management through A ugmented Reality and Satellite Data Data
19 Hokuto Asano Japan Tourism Agency Crisis Management in the field of Tourism Data
20 Narumon Arunotai Chulalongkorn University Redefining and be preparing for disasters: the lessons from the Moken sea nomads of Thailand Data

Tuesday, 12 November

No. Name Affiliation Presentation Title Data
21 Mr. Adrian D. Romero; Ms. Sheila Ruth Masangkay, Ms. Jasmin Victoria University of Santo Tomas-National Service Training Program CWTS/LTS SERVICE LEARNING THROUGH NSTP CWTS/LTS: The Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction Program of University of Santo Tomas-National Service Training Program (NSTP) CWTS/LTS Data
22 Alessandra Colocci Universita Politecnica delle Marche A social-ecological approach to disaster risk management applied to the case study of the Marche Region, Italy Data
23 Dr Aaron Opdyke The University of Sydney Mobilizing Local Knowledge in Local Disaster Risk Reduction Strategies Data
24 Sital Uprety Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Univesity of Illinois and Department of Frontier Science for Advanced Environment, Tohoku University Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) assessments two years after Nepal 2015 earthquake Data
25 Tanaya Sarmah Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur The state-of-the-art review of vulnerability indices: with a special focus on urban flood Data
26 Hasi Kyoto University Fragility curves for economic losses in industrial sectors after strong wind disaster: A case of 2018 Typhoon Jebi
27 Danielle Marie Alcoriza Parreno University of the Philippines Diliman Exploring the DRRM Landscape of the University of the Philippines Diliman: How prepared are university students in case of a disaster? Data
28 Haris Rahadianto Kyoto University Damage Distribution of Typhoon No. 21 in 2018 on Osaka and Wakayama Prefecture based on Questionnaire Surveys Data
29 Mr. Ozmen Ozgu Tuna Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) Recent Activity for DRR in Turkey Data
30 Kazuo Sasaki Challenge Co.,Ltd How to save people from e arthquake s Data
31 Ruya Kaya IDEMA Saglam KOBI Project Data
32 Dr. Julie Drolet Professor, University of Calgary Understanding child and youth resilience in the aftermath of disasters: The case of the 2016 Alberta wildfires in Canada
33 Emadul Islam University of Malaya, Malaysia The Factors Regulate to Community Participation in Sustainable Disaster Recovery Program: An Experience of Cyclone Aila Disaster Affected Coastal People Bangladesh Data