WBF 2017 Report

List of Flash Talk Presentations and Movies

Sunday, 26 November

No. Name Affiliation Presentation Title Data
1 Natsuko Chubachi Tohoku Univeristy Researchers and child reporters working together for disaster risk reduction YouTube
2 Sushila Paudel EpiNurse, Nursing Association of Nepal EpiNurse, Local Nurses + Epidemiology for DRR, challenge in Nepal now. YouTube
3 Chika Sakai Niigata Prefectural Kashiwazaki Shoyo Secondary School What I learned from Chuetsu-Oki Earthquake YouTube
4 Michael H.M Koo Curtin University An Aquatic Vessel: Responsive Refuge in Post Disaster YouTube
5 TOMODACHI Alumni U.S.-Japan Council, Peace Boat Disaster Relief Volunteer Center, Japan IsraAID Support Program Voices of Youth! ~ lessons learned from the TOMODACHI Alumni Disaster Resilience Training Program ~ YouTube
6 Yoshiyuki Kaneda Institute of Education, Research and Regional Cooperation for Crisis Management Shikoku Kagawa University Proposal of the Mitigation Science ‒The advanced science and technology for the resilience society. ‒
7 Noriaki Endo, Jieling Wu, and Satoru Sugita Iwate University, Chubu University Daily Facility Convenience of Post-disaster Recovery Housing Complexes Constructed in Miyagi Prefecture following the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake
8 Choon Yong Heng Curtin University DOOMSDAY REHEARSAL: Architecture for Pre-Disaster Learning and 2020 Tokyo Olympics As The Year of Disaster Prevention Global Classroom YouTube
9 Kohei Nishizuka ”HARU”-Reconstruction Team of TOHOKU University What Works for the Sustainable Volunteer Activities toward Reorganizing a Volunteer Team “HARU” YouTube
10 Gerald Potutan International Recovery Platform (IRP) I International Recovery Platform: A Network for Build Back Better YouTube
11 Ichiro Sato IOTA Co., Ltd. Disaster Mutual Support Agreements, enhancing the effectiveness ~ The smooth flow of people and supplies, the significance of promoting the parties exchange activity on a daily basis ~ YouTube
12 Erick Mas Tohoku University / International Research Institute of Disaster Science The DIM2SEA Project. Japan-Israel collaboration on research for urban resilience simulation YouTube

Monday, 27 November

No. Name Affiliation Presentation Title Data
13 Mariko Ohara Musashino Community based Disaster Prevention Network of Community Collaboration/Frontier Center in Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing Development and challenges of triage for vulnerable group on disaster to work on by municipal administration, community and college YouTube
14 Megumi Uesu NTT Secure Platform Laboratories A Study on Knowledge Extraction Method for Incident Response Using Message Templates YouTube
15 Takayuki Utsushikawa Japan Environment Research Co., LTD. Our activities for disaster prevention using unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV). YouTube
17 Sital Uprety University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Lessons learned about Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) from 2015 Nepal Earthquake YouTube
18 Dr. Khamarrul Azahari Razak Dr. Shohei Matsuura Disaster Preparedness and Prevention Center (DPPC), Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Facilitating Disaster Risk Reduction in Asia through Training, Research and Field Practice: A case study from Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) YouTube
19 Hossein Kashiri Mashhad Municipality City Diplomacy: The Use of International Capacity in Integrated Management of Metropolises Crisis YouTube
20 Yuko Murayama Tsuda University The needs for IT in Disaster Risk Reduction and our Trials YouTube
21 Marino PROTTI, Shusuke IRABU Vulcanological and Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica, National University of Costa Rica Japan International Cooperation Agency Nicoya, Costa Rica, Mw=7.6 Earthquake: A very Successful BOSAI Experience of Scientific and Community Organization and Preparation YouTube
22 Jorge Ulises Carmona Tinoco CNDH Civil Protection and Human Rights YouTube
23 Toshikazu. KANUKA THE IWATE NIPPO ”The Message Board of Life” The Information on safety of disaster victims provided by a local press and Facebook drawing on the experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake YouTube
25 Masa Hayashi Live Warning Inc. NPO Best Solution for Saving the Majority of Potential Victims from the Next Great Tsunami Event(s) YouTube
26 Abbas Ali Ghezelsofl oo Assistant Professor in IAUM, Iran Director of Arid Environment Research Center DEVELOPMENT OF A FLOOD MONITORING AND WARNING SYSTEM AS A NON- STRUCTURAL APPROACH IN GOLESTAN PROVINCE (IRAN) YouTube