(14)To pave the way for safe and sustainable drone operations for the disaster risk reduction in Sendai- Collaboration with City of SENDAI, NTT docomo, Drone Tech Lab SENDAI


Drone Tech Lab SENDAI · City of SENDAI · NTT docomo Tohoku


Kaeko Nakano
"Project Overview and Our Session in a nutshell"
Hiroyuki Yamada
NTT docomo Tohoku
"BOSAI Drone: the Prototypes and Field Tests"
Yasufumi Shiraiwa
Section Manager, Industrial Promotion Section, City of SENDAI
"Project Rup-up, Challenges, Direction for the next step"
Kenichi Sasaki
President, Drone Tech Lab Sendai
"DTLS activities for the drone industries and contribution to disaster risk reduction"


Based on the lessons learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake, various efforts to make Sendai resilient city where disaster risk reduction to be mitigated. As the part of these efforts, verification experiments under the public and private partnership have been actively conducted with the aim of establishing a drone operation system with the reliable equipment and software useful for disaster risk reduction. In this session, these activities and future direction of the project in Sendai are presented.