(17)Financial Initiatives and Multi-stakeholder Partnerships for Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience


Development Bank of Japan Inc.


Kenji Watanabe
Professor, Graduate School of Engineering
Head of Disaster & Safety Management, Nagoya Institute of Technology
Setsuko Saya
Director, International Cooperation Division, Disaster Management Bureau, Cabinet Office
"Business Continuity Management in Japan: Its Present and Future"
Daisuke Asano
Director for Innovation, Education and HRD policy, Policy Planning Office, Minister's Secretariat Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
"Improvement on Industrial Resilience after the 3.11 earthquake and the Kumamoto earthquake"
Toshiyasu Teratani
Technical official, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (Nuclear Regulation Authority in Japan Radiation Protection Policy Planning Division Programs Coordination Officer)
"Developing resilience in health care: trends and prospects"
Yuta Shirade
Managing Director, Comprehensive fi nancial management headquarters director, SHIRAKEN KAMABOKO CO., LTD
"Business Continuity Initiatives based on Lessons Learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake - Integrating BCM with "Lifesaving First" Disaster Prevention -"
Hiroyuki Uchida
Director, Tokyo Head Office, SAGAWA EXPRESS CO., LTD.
"Business Continuity Management at Sagawa and BC alliances"
Yoshiki Hiruma
Vice President & Director of Enterprise Resilience Rated Loan Program(BCM rating), Sustainability Planning & Support Department, Development Bank of Japan Inc.
"Applying financial expertise to design a resilient future - case of BCM rating -"


A preventive approach is fundamental to enhancing our society's overall resilience in the face of disaster. This calls for alliances among multiple stakeholders and the development of imaginative social technologies. In this session, we will describe the financial technologies which DBJ has developed for use in disaster management, such as BCM-rated loans, disaster response measures and reconstruction funds. We will also discuss some projects we have undertaken in cooperation with the Cabinet Office and other government agencies to improve the disaster resilience of our client companies and of industry as a whole.