(20)Strengthening contributions to the international community through multidisciplinary disaster science research


Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) and Tohoku University


Susumu Satomi
President, Tohoku University
Christopher Tremewan
Secretary General, APRU
Fumihiko Imamura
Director, IRIDeS of Tohoku University
Wei Sen Li
Executive Director, APEC Emergency Preparedness Capacity Building Center (EPCC)
Gwendolyn Pang
Head of Country Cluster, Country Cluster Support Team, IFRC Beijing
David Alexander
Professor, University College of London
Fatma Lestari
Professor, University of Indonesia
Hiroki Takakura
Professor, Tohoku University
Tadahiro Hayasaka
Professor, Tohoku University


Christina Shoenleber
Director (Policy and Programs), APRU


This session focuses on the review of the research needs for science and technology application in DRR efforts as well as discussion on strengthening multidisciplinary disaster science researches. It will invite the speakers and panelists from academia, and international organizations to share their experience and thoughts on the effective collaboration among different stakeholders and how multidisciplinary researches can contribute to enhancing disaster resilience society and the implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.