(31)Roles of the media in disaster risk reduction
~ Cultivation through the media in normal times


Kahoku Shimpo Publishing Co.


Maria A. Ressa
CEO & Executive Editor Rappler (Philippine Internet Media)
Sinichi Takeda
Head of Disaster Risk Reduction and Education Project Office, Kahoku Shimpo Publishing Co.
Yuya Yamashita
DRR Project Leader New Business Development Dept. Sendai Television Inc.
Seiji Kondo
Associate Professor Faculty of Societal Safety Sciences, Kansai Univ.


What are the roles of the media in preventing damage and loss of life in disasters? We will share 1) the efforts of the local newspaper and broadcasting companies located in the areas devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake, and 2) the current situation and challenges of the overseas media. We will discuss the ideal ways of information transmission from the media, especially focused on the cultivation of disaster preparedness in normal times, and potential collaborations with other stakeholders such as universities for that purpose.