(41)Utilization of drone in case of disaster


Keio Research Institute at SFC

Co-host Organization: Drone Pilot Association

Speakers and Panelists

Tomoyuki Furutani
Keio University
"Vision of the drone society and social implementation in the disaster area"
Kazunori Fujiwara
Drone Pilot Association
"Relationship between the Drone Pilot Association's initiatives and disaster prevention"
Akira Mizukami
PwC Consulting
"Possibility of drone in the industrial field and the industrial evolution in the airspace"
Sendai City


Shintaro Takahashi
Keio University


We will discuss the theme of utilization of drone in the event of a disaster. In recent years, introduction of drone has been advanced for research purposes in largescale disasters, but is necessary to promote rules formation, training programs, and technology development in order to accelerate social implementation.
We will present research contents of "Research Consortium for Co-Creation of Drone Collaborative Society" and "ERCA 4-1505 Development of Ecosystem Disaster Mitigation Function and Comprehensive Benefit Assessment Method Focused on the Process of Habitat Ross".